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Due to difficulty breathing, the patient's sleep becomes restless, accompanied by loud snoring.

Children often have nightmares. During sleep, suffocation attacks are possible due to the retraction of the root of the tongue. With large adenoids, phonation is disturbed, the patient's voice becomes nasal. The opening of the auditory tubes is closed by overgrown adenoids, which causes hearing loss. Children become distracted and inattentive.

Due to the adenoids, congestive hyperemia of the surrounding soft tissues (posterior palatine arches, soft palate, mucous membrane of the nasal concha) develops. As a result, breathing problems are aggravated, rhinitis often develops, eventually turning into chronic catarrhal rhinitis.

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When a stream of air passes through the nasal cavity, a reflex formation of the nature of inhalation and exhalation occurs. Therefore, a person always breathes through the nose deeper than through the mouth. Long-term breathing through the mouth causes a slight, but uncompensated lack of ventilation.

The child's blood is less saturated with oxygen, chronic mild hypoxia of the brain occurs. Due to chronic impairment of oxygenation, children with a long course of adenoids sometimes develop some mental retardation. Patients often complain of headaches, study poorly, and have difficulty memorizing educational material. The diagnosis is made on the basis of a detailed examination, a carefully collected anamnesis and instrumental research data.


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The following instrumental techniques are used: Pharyngoscopy. In the course of the study, the condition of the oropharynx and palatine tonsils is assessed. The presence of a discharge mucopurulent character on the back of the pharynx is determined. To examine the adenoids, the soft palate is lifted with a spatula. Anterior rhinoscopy. The doctor examines the nasal passages. The study reveals swelling and the presence of discharge in the nasal cavity. Vasoconstrictor drops are instilled into the child's nose, after which the adenoids covering the choanas become visible.

The child is asked to swallow. The resulting contraction of the soft palate causes the adenoids to oscillate, in which light reflections are visible on the surface of the tonsils. Posterior rhinoscopy.

The doctor examines the nasal passages through the oropharynx using a speculum. On examination, adenoids are visible, which are a hemispherical tumor with grooves on the surface or a group of hanging formations in various parts of the nasopharynx. The study is highly informative, but it presents certain difficulties, especially in young children. pills of the nasopharynx.

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The pills is performed in lateral projection. During the study, the child opens his mouth so that the adenoids are more clearly contrasted with air. pills allows you to reliably diagnose adenoids and accurately determine their degree. Endoscopy of the nasopharynx. Highly informative study that allows you to make a detailed examination of the nasopharynx. When examining young children, anesthesia is required.

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Treatment tactics are not determinedas much the size of the adenoids as associated disorders. The indications for surgery are determined by the otolaryngologist. In young children, surgery for adenoids is performed under general anesthesia. In older children, they are often performed under local anesthetic. It is possible to carry out cryodestruction of adenoids or their endoscopic removal.

In allergy-prone patients, adenoids often recur; therefore, surgical treatment should be combined with desensitizing therapy. With the proliferation of nasopharyngeal tonsils of 1 degree and mild respiratory impairment, conservative therapy is recommended (instillation of a 2% solution of protargol). The patient is prescribed fortifying agents (vitamins, calcium supplements, fish oil).

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